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2 Ways Your Boss Will Learn About Your Career Advancement Goals

If you are looking for a promotion in your company and you are not achieving your goal then it’s time you took a long hard look at your factors affecting career development.
There are several reasons why managers don’t get promoted. Sometimes it is because they are not good enough or they aren’t ready. This happens a lot of the time, and there are many things you can do to get ready.
These involve making sure your qualifications are up to date, and your resume reflects how good you really are at your job, for example. However, other factors affecting career development have to do with how you approach your boss.
Let’s take a look in more detail.
Many bosses don’t know those under them that well. They know their name and they know what job they do, but they don’t have the facts available to know whether any of these people should be promoted or not.
It’s not your boss’ role to get you a promotion either. They are busy looking after their department and making sure it meets the company’s expectations. A good senior manager would expect the middle managers below them to take control of their careers themselves.
So, if your boss doesn’t seem to know you that well there are 2 approaches you can take. Now, before we look into them in more detail remember that there is no reason why you can’t do both. This is because these strategies work in conjunction with each other, and in some ways, complement each other.
Here are 2 Ways Your Boss Will Learn About Your Career Advancement Goals

1. Telling Your Boss Straight Up You Want That Promotion

Let your boss know what you want. Be sure to tell your boss you are looking for a new position in the company. You want them on your team. Think about your boss more like a partner who is working to help you not working against you.
If your boss has criticisms then listen to them clearly. Fixing mistakes is a great way to show you are “promotion ready”, and able to step up to the next level.
Be prepared to study more and perhaps put in any extra hours when you can. This will always reflect well on your positive approach to the company.
Now, your boss is a busy person and may not have time to sit down with you. Compile a short dossier of your achievements and present them to your boss. Clearly show that you are ready to take that promotion and have the necessary skills to do the job well.

2. Getting Noticed Indirectly by Your Boss

Some people are shy and find it hard to approach senior managers. As well, some bosses are not approachable because they may work at a different location or they are seem too scary!
Well, there are ways around these scenarios, don’t you worry.
You work in a team, and there must be a one or two colleagues who like to talk. These are the kinds of people who will talk to anyone, scary bosses included. Why not take advantage of these people’s natural gift.
Let your team members talk you up themselves. You will need to ensure that they know your skills, and what a great member of the team you are. You want to encourage them to share how valuable you really are to your boss, and other seniors.

Be Promotion-Ready!

Now approaching your boss or getting your team to work for you takes time. So, rather than sit back and wait it is important that you demonstrate just how great you are at your job right now.
Always do your best by focusing on doing your best right now, today, this very minute. Always completing your tasks to the best of your ability all the time will determine how you are being judged. When you reflect too much on the past and think too much about the future, you forget to focus on the most important aspect of your job – that is what is happening right now.
Are you ready to make sure your boss knows you are promotion-ready? Are you prepared to do what it takes to get that promotion and take the necessary steps to a better quality of life?
Consider which of the two approaches discussed here works best for you, and start one. Then at some point, start the other. Remember that both strategies will work well if you play it cool, don’t overdo it, and be the best manager you can be.
And always remember: 

Great managers are made. Not born.

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