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Why You Should Analyze a Successful Person’s Career

You may be sitting at your desk now and wondering how you can further your corporate development career path. You might even be surrounded by colleagues who seem to be doing everything right; they get the rewards, the bonuses, and the promotions you long for.

So, what can you do? Should you copy them and become like them?

While it is tempting to try to be like someone you admire, and to desire what they have you should never try to be anything you are not. This would only make you unhappy and you may end up looking foolish.

Instead, learn how to analyze the people who are successful in your company, and in your industry, and your corporate development career path will certainly become more focused and clearer.


First, Understand What Value You Have

Before you set out to make changes to how you work, firstly make sure you understand the value of your work, and how it contributes positively to the company’s outcomes.

Build your credibility, and extend your influence in the position you hold at the moment, by creating a file of your accomplishments. Detail how they benefited the company. These will help you prove how good you are at your job when it comes to asking for a promotion.


Make a List of Prized Qualities

Take a look around your company and make a list of the people who have been promoted.

Make a list of the qualities each person possessed that ensured they got the promotion. You may note qualities like never being late for work, showing initiative, or sharing their ideas with their team.

Do you notice any of the qualities overlapping? Do these people share some things or many things in common?

Now, you don’t want to copy these people or try to be them, but you may need to take on board these qualities and change the way you approach your work.


Get a Mentor

A mentor is someone who has more experience, and who can offer you practical and honest advice. The role of any mentor is to walk alongside their ‘student’ (that’s you); not to lead them by walking ahead, or push them by walking behind.

If you find someone who will mentor you make sure you are ready to listen to their ideas, and take on board their suggestions. Now, these suggestions might sound like criticisms, and perhaps they are, but it is important to focus on them.

What can you do instead? Now, add those attributes to the prized qualities you noted in others, and shape your corporate career path in the direction you would like it to go.


Create a Plan of Success

Nothing ever succeeds without a plan. Don’t say you are going to be reach your desired promotion in one year, and leave it at that.

Create a long term plan that has a whole raft of smaller goals incorporated into it. This may involve setting down achievable smaller goals that can be reached in shorter time frames.

Remember: Your plan should involve analyzing what successful people are doing, and incorporating these into your daily routine. It should also involve regular meetings with a mentor.

Most importantly, your plan should involve how you are going to become the person you need to be to get that promotion, and create the career path you want.


And always remember:


Great managers are made. Not born.

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