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5 Ways You Can Up-Skill and Get That Promotion You Deserve

Are you struggling to get the recognition and promotion you deserve? Are you struggling to tick all those career goals of a manager boxes that you know you should?  


Sure, you are good at your job, and you probably enjoy the challenges it offers, but if you are honest there is something missing. You really want a promotion, and the recognition that entails, but perhaps you are just too good in your current position to be taken out of it.


Here are 5 ways you can up-skill, get that promotion you deserve, still be a valued employee of your company, and ensure that all your career goals of a manager are fulfilled.


1. Let Your Work Speak for You.

You don’t want to go around blowing your own trumpet. It doesn’t bode well, and can be misconstrued as bragging.


Rather, let the quality of your work speak for you. The results you achieve should demonstrate your skills and suitability for senior positions. Letting your work speak for you is a skill which requires some practice.


As well, creating a supportive team and developing their skills so that they shout about you, requires time and a certain approach. If you are not sure, research the best approach to team building, and celebrate and encourage everyone’s success.


2. Do You Clearly Understand What is Required About the Position You are Targeting?

Dreaming about being a senior manager or executive is one thing, gaining that position is another entirely different thing.


What skills are required to fulfil this position and be a great success in it? Do you fully understand them? And most importantly, how can you acquire them?


You may have to undertake extra study online or look at self-development courses? Anything you do will further enhance your skills and better prepare you not only to take on a new role, but to be a great success at it too.


3. Learn How the Rest of the Company Works.

Your position is backed up and supports a whole host of other areas within your organization. The best way to show your bosses how interested you are in it, is to learn how the rest of company works.


Don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. Be brave and ask questions of other managers and support staff. By demonstrating how keen you are in the workings of the rest of the company, you are clearly showing your suitability for a senior position.


4. Build a Support Network of Coaches, Mentors, and Sponsors.

No man or woman is an island, the old saying goes. If you have the determination and the focus to get that promotion you deserve, then you’ll need to build a network support system around you.


This can be down by employing coaches, mentors and sponsors. These can come from within your company or from without – it doesn’t matter.


These people should have your back and help you gain the valuable skills you need to get a promotion. They may offer you skills and ideas, but they should also challenge you too, so expect some constructive criticism, be brave and grow.


5. Show Valuable Leadership Qualities.

Demonstrate how good you would be in that senior position you are long for by being a valuable leader right now.


Showcase your great talents by sharing your knowledge and training others in your department to higher standards.


Prove that you understand how important human capital is to your company, and how you have the skills to bring out the best in all employees under and on an equal footing to you.


Putting these 5 tips into practice right now will guarantee you are noticed by your seniors. They will begin to rely on you and trust you more. This will lead to you be included in important decision making meetings, and to your eventual promotion – you know the one you deserve.


And always remember:


Great managers are made. Not born.

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