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3 Ways You Can Ensure You Are Promoted Over a Work Colleague

Competition for senior management positions can be a double-edged sword in the workplace. It can help bring out all those attributes that teach us how to measure success at work, but it can also cut us down as we are outdone by a work colleague.

If you want to make sure that you are well prepared for your next promotion then you are going to have to start planning now even if there isn’t a job available. Being fully prepared may be the one thing that will help you be promoted over a work colleague.

If you having been following my articles you will already be aware there are many ways how to measure success at work. Planning for your dream job takes months, if not years; it is not something you can achieve overnight.

One thing you have to face is that others in your company, and your department will be vying for the same position as you. This may result in bad feelings when someone is promoted over someone else. And, this can adversely affect the success of the company.


Disgruntled employees who feel they are being ignored may not work to the fullest potential. They may also begin to undermine the company’s projects, and ultimately sabotage its success. One of the key reasons for this occurs when an employee is left behind as their work colleagues are promoted over them again and again.

You don’t want this to be you. After all, you are good at your job, and you know you have the right skills to do well. You want to advance your career and demonstrate to your employees just how skillful you are. As well, you have put hours and hours of work into planning your promotion, and you don’t want to be overlooked again because a work colleague was better prepared for the job interview than you were.


Here are 3 ways you can ensure you are promoted over a work colleague, and help the process go as smoothly as possible. Before the interview make sure that you are always seen to be doing these important things:


1. Network within your company

Networking is easier for some people than others because some people are naturally outgoing and enjoy meeting others. These people are very good at networking and understand what it means for their career advancement.

Networking doesn’t just mean knowing the names of the work colleagues inside, and out of your department. When you begin to incorporate networking into your career advancement plan understand exactly what it entails.

For example, networking with others means making sure that people of influence within your company know who you are, and they are fully aware of all the skills you have. They look to you as someone who can get the job done, and who is interested in the long term success of the company.


2. Be indispensable

Make sure that those people who are working on projects with you know that you are the go-to person for many of its aspects. This may mean extra work for you, but it will make you indispensable on so many levels.

If there is an issue don’t fob it off for someone else to do or ignore it. Tackle problems head on and make sure that you find a solution. If there is a failing in some area, again make sure that it is you who does something about it, and fixes it.

Being indispensable can be hard work, but it will ensure that next time a promotion is available you will be looked upon more favorably than your work colleagues.


3. Be Respectful of Your Work Colleagues

During the interview process, no one enjoys hearing someone else talk badly about another person. It makes everyone feel uncomfortable and only makes the speaker seem churlish and childish. You don’t need to point out the shortcomings of your work colleagues in an interview because the hiring committee more than likely knows them. Instead, respect your competition and be polite.


If you are asked why you are the better candidate for a promotion always talk up your own skills. Don’t point out that you are better than another person by pointing out how bad they are at their job. Don’t remind the interviewees of mistakes others have made as this might remind them of the mistakes you have made, and that won’t go down well either.


If you are asked to talk about a work colleague do so in a respectful way. This shows that you have a greater understanding of your workplace, and that you have the skills needed to manage others at a senior level in a fair and honest manner.


And always remember:


Great managers are made. Not born.

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