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Is Being an Administrator Actually Bad for Your Career Goals?

There are many different types of managers, and all have benefits that no company should be without. However, along with these advantages there are some drawbacks that can hamper the manager’s chances for promotion. These can make it difficult in knowing how to measure success at work.

One such manager is the Administrator. This might by you, so keep reading, and why you might identify with being an Administrator there are things that can be done to build on your skills and get that promotion you deserve.
Administrators are those types of managers who know how to measure success at work. They diligently and meticulously plan each step of the process, knowing that planning is necessary to achieve success. They keep everything in order from their pens, their diaries, and even their team. They thrive in an environment which is well organized, neat and ordered. 

A good Administrator is highly valued within the company because of their commitment to orderly planning and organization. Administrators ensure that all resources are available and that a clear project flow is in place before a project is even started. They plan the stages of the project very carefully, often incorporating the use of resources along the way. As all Administrators know, projects that begin on time and are completed either on or ahead of schedule are worthwhile and satisfying.

Like many of the managerial styles we are visiting in this series of articles, Administrators are quickly promoted up through the ranks to middle management positions. After all, what company wouldn’t benefit from the talents highlighted above, right?
However, breaking through the middle management ceiling and becoming senior managers is not easy for many Administrators. These hardworking reliable people are often frustrated and disappointed when colleagues are promoted over them. They feel left behind and undervalued. This is not good for morale or the overall success of the company. 


So, what are Administrators doing wrong?

Let’s take a closer look at the drawbacks of being so efficient. While Administrators are great at developing ways to run projects efficiently and on time, many exceed expected results, they lack flexibility. When projects suffer setbacks they find it difficult to reassess and change their fixed plans. In truth, many Administrators are too rigid and controlling. They also lack the wider vision to see beyond what is on their desk right now. They don’t seem to be interested in what else is going on in the company either. 

Are you an Administrator desperate for a promotion? If you answered ‘yes’ there is good news. Combine your natural instincts and strengths, and build on those aspects of your managerial style which are lacking. 

These might be developing and practicing skills such as brainstorming, team-building, and improvising. Spend a little less energy on organization and processes, and more on team building and support.

You need to be seen as a well-rounded manager that is flexible, approachable and someone who is ready to handle the unpredictability of any corporate environment.

There is no reason why that next promotion shouldn’t be yours. We all know you have the skills to do the job properly. All you have to do is show your bosses that you can do it, and that you are flexible. Develop those others skills that you see in senior managers and the next time a promotion opportunity comes up, it’ll be all yours.

And always remember:

Great managers are made. Not born.

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