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  • 5. Has there ever been a position you applied for and didn’t get?
  • 6. Are you hesitant about asking for a promotion for fear of your boss’s response?
  • 7. Have you ever left an organization because you were passed up for promotion there?
  • 8. Do you know if your work environment values you and your work?
  • 9. Do you think that you deserve a promotion?
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Are You Too Good At Your Job To Get a Promotion ?

Are you stuck in that unenviable position of being so good at your job that your boss doesn’t want to lose you?

You’ve worked hard to get where you are now, and you do your best most of the time. In truth, you go above and beyond your pay scale to prove to your seniors that you are worthy of a promotion.

Sadly, you never get one.


Frustrating isn’t it?

When you are reviewing your career goals of a manager it is important that you take into account that you may be too good at what you are doing. It’s a hard call because you want to move up, and advance your career. And, to prove to your seniors that you are worthy of a promotion you have worked very hard. Regardless, your boss, on the other hand, has other ideas. 

So how can you realize your career goals of a manager despite a boss who doesn’t want to let you go?

What you have to understand is that your boss has become not only dependent upon you, but over dependent too. From the beginning you have worked hard to show how well qualified you are in your current position. You did everything you were asked, and more. However, in time you began to take over tasks that were your boss’s responsibility. 

The end result is that now you are as good as your boss if not better. Your boss knows this and has become so dependent upon you, they are not going to let you go in a hurry.

This situation is much more common than you might think. It is important to remember, however, not to become angry or frustrated. Instead, take control of the situation and make things happen the way you want them to

Remember that every person has the right to advancement and happiness. Deep down your boss knows this, and if handled correctly, you will be able to convince them of this fact. 


Meet with Your Boss

Go to your boss and explain how you are feeling. Don’t be confrontational or blame your boss for your situation. This will only make them defensive and you’ll get nowhere. Instead, begin an open discussion by making it clear that while you are unhappy with your current position a promotion may be beneficial for you and your boss.

If you have been following my posts you will already know how important it is to keep a file of your successes. If you haven’t started doing this, then start today. When meeting with your boss remind them of what you have already achieved for the company. Why you do deserve the credit, make sure you explain to your boss that they provided you with the training and the opportunities to achieve these goals. 

Ask for positive feedback and take it on board. Express your confusion over not being promoted and openly declare that you want to advance your career within your particular company.

Talk about timeframes too. Don’t leave things hanging. Set a date in the future by which time you would expect to be promoted, and share this with your boss. 


Share Your Knowledge and Skills with Others

It’s important that you share your knowledge and skills with the rest of your team. Don’t hold on to what you know because it gives you greater job security. The fact that no one else knows as much as you do about your job could be one factor that is holding you back from promotion. It also adds to your boss’s dependency upon you.

This could be done by demonstrating to someone else how the processes work. You could also create a step-by-step guide and share this with others too. This will allow you time to take a vacation when needed, as well.

Make it clear to your boss that there are at least two people who can do your job well. Also, make it clear that you want to be promoted, and have the leadership skills to do the job well.


Prepare to Look for Another Position in Another Company

This might not be what you want to face just right now, but if your boss isn’t willing to replace you, you might have to start looking to advance your career in another company.

You can take your years of experience and incorporate them into a solid resume that will impress a potential new boss, and help you get a higher salary or a better title at another company.
Being good at your job can be a liability, which is sad. But, if you begin preparing for the position you really want early on, you'll better your chances at moving up. As well, be aware that sometimes you may have to jump to another company altogether in order to find the career opportunities you're seeking.
If you do move on and learn from your mistakes. Make sure you don’t become so indispensable that you can’t move up, and work towards advancing your career every step of the way.
Good luck!


And always remember: 

Great managers are made. Not born.

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